Soil and Water Conservation Districts work to protect Illinois’ greatest assetsthe rich,fertile soils and water resources of the state through strategic conservation efforts. Soil and Water Conservation Districts,or SWCDs, have for decades overplayed a central role in efforts to sustain the viability of Illinois’ natural resources for future generations by working with environmental and agricultural stakeholders.

Illinois’ SWCDs face a tremendous challenge as they work to keep our farmland productive and our water supplies clean and healthy for all citizens to enjoy. Established over half a century ago in response to the devastating soil erosion conditions brought on by the Dust Bowl, Illinois’ SWCDs are part of a nationwide network numbering more than 3,000. As independent, local units of government, districts involve citizens in soil conservation and water quality programs, both in rural areas as well as in our towns and cities.

In Illinois, this local leadership has proven invaluable in helping to preserve our precious soil and water resources.In Illinois, local SWCDs have been called upon to play an evergreater role in protecting our natural resources by working with farmers, business and local governments. This new emphasis comes at a time when districts are struggling to keep existing pollution prevention programs afloat in the face of dwindling federal, state and local resources. Now more than ever, SWCDs need your support to help carry out these important programs because everyone benefits from clean water and protecting productive farmland.

Here are 10 REASONS to support Illinois’ SWCDs:


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