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Please use the link below to send your lawmakers a brief, pre-written message encouraging he or she to support Senate Bill 2474 and House Bill 1792 (identical bills, just different chambers of introduction) by becoming a co-sponsor of the bills, which creates the Illinois Partners for Nutrient Loss Reduction Act!

The entire process from start to finish takes less than two minutes. Additionally, please encourage friends, family, and local SWCD supporters and cooperators to take a brief moment to show their support as well!

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SB 2474 – Sponsor: Sen. Ram Villivalam (D)
HB 1792 – Sponsor: Rep. Dave Vella (D)

SUPPORT NEEDED: Co-sponsorship, support!

LEGISLATION SUMMARY: Adds a new purpose and increases funding to the
Partners for Conservation Fund in order to implement Illinois’ Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy.

OVERVIEW: Excessive levels of nutrients are degrading the quality of streams, rivers, and lakes within Illinois and contributing to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Since 2013, Illinois EPA and the Department of Agriculture have been collaborating with academics, environmental nonprofits, representatives of federal, state, and local agencies, wastewater treatment professionals, and the agricultural community to develop the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. This group released the Strategy in 2015 and biennial reports on its implementation in 2017 and 2019. The Strategy sets a milestone to reduce nitrogen in Illinois waters by 15% and phosphorus by 25% by 2025.

Additional resources are needed to administer and implement the Strategy in order to meet the Strategy’s 2025 milestone. These include resources needed for reporting, research, water quality monitoring, technical assistance through the Illinois Department of Agriculture and Illinois Extension, for Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout the state, and to provide cost-share funding for nutrient capture projects on farmland, including on the state’s lands leased for agriculture.

The Illinois Partners for Nutrient Loss Reduction Act extends and increases funding for the Partners for Conservation Fund to fiscal year 2027. (Current funding is through fiscal 2021.)

WHY: The Illinois Partners for Nutrient Loss Reduction Act will increase Illinois’ capacity to meet the state’s 2025 milestone to reduce nitrogen in Illinois waters by 15% and phosphorus by 25%.

IMPACT FOR SWCDs: Provides the structure and commitment for long term soil health; allows for a long-term commitment to Illinois landowners, farmers, developers, and community.

PARTNERSHIP: This legislation was developed with input from representatives from the Illinois EPA and departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources and is supported by these partner organizations: American Farmland Trust, Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, Illinois Stewardship Alliance, Illinois Environmental Council, Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association, The Nature Conservancy, Prairie Rivers Network, The Izaak Walton League, Natural Land Institute, and the Wetlands Initiative, and Association of Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

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